Winters can get down right cold in the Prescott valley. In someways the cold nights make pest control in the winter easier but some pests are actually driven into your home looking for warmer conditions. Spiders and scorpions are in someways more prevalent to come inside your home in the winter. Also some insects hunker down for the winter waiting it our for spring. Either way pest control is important to keep up even through the winter months.


Ants are sensitive to chemicals and will find an alternate route into your home. Ants need specific pest control that can not only keep them out of your home but eliminate the colony. Bulwark has the ant products and systems that are 100% guaranteed to have your home ant free.


Roaches are one of the most disgusting pests out there. Roaches can be a health concern to children and families. Roaches leave behind old roach body shells, droppings, saliva, and lost body parts. The cockroach’s debris causes respiratory problems in children and adults that are allergic to these roach antigens. And cockroaches can spread many diseases. Plus, roaches themselves can smell bad. So you have good reason to get rid of roaches.


Spiders are not like other pests. For starters, they are not insects, but arachnids. Spiders also have different habits. All spiders prey on insects. Most are hunters equipped with fangs and poisonous venom. Spiders should not be treated lightly even if their venom is not lethal. Spider bites are painful and may cause health concerns. Unlike insects spiders move along surfaces with minimal contact with the tips of their legs.

Do it yourself pest control

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